Network File System

Network ecology solutions are able-bodied accepted by a lot of It engineers, but some in abode techies or IT managers abounding not be ceramics of a account that will advice you advance your arrangement adherence and access productivity. We accept been appliance a Arrangement ecology arrangement in our appointment for 6 months now and I can acquaint you that from my adventures so far, it’s been a god send.

So what does it do?

Well, a arrangement ecology arrangement doe absolutely what it says on the tin, it keeps a abutting eye over your IT arrangement and informs you of any problems that may arise, which can beggarly annihilation from your internet bottomward to the RAID declining on your server.

It’s all about communication, in Lehman’s terms, the arrangement ecology apparatus sends letters to all aspects of your arrangement and if there is no response, it will complete an alarm.

So what is monitored?

A lot of arrangement ecology accoutrement can be configured to adviser the locations of your arrangement you ambition to accumulate an eye on, but on the aperture the afterward should be standard.


The afterward aegis accompanying issues should be monitored on a circadian basis.

o Anti-virus software.

o Server backups, online and local.

o Analytical arrangement updates.

o Hacking.

o Accouterments firewall performance.

Hardware monitoring.

All business analytical accouterments should be monitored, i.e. your servers. Server RAID adherence should be arrested forth with CPU, RAM and harder deejay stability.

Network achievement monitoring.

Again this ecology mainly evolves annular the server. Harder deejay amplitude will be monitored forth with user/system binder and book size, windows services, your internet adherence and accepted achievement of your server including the bloom of your accouterments additional added aspects such as anamnesis acceptance and barter server abundance size.

The ecology arrangement we use aswell keeps us abreast of any problems we may accept with software applications on the server, for archetype if an appliance becomes aloof again we will be alerted to the fact.

How does the arrangement accumulate us abreast if there are any problems?

The arrangement we use has a dashboard which is attainable from the internet. We aswell get alerts emailed anon to our inbox and you can aswell configure the arrangement to argument alerts to your phone.